Sanitary Considerations to Minimize Risk of Infection

Most multiple myeloma patients have a compromised immune system because myeloma and some treatments can affect the production of antibodies and reduce the white blood cell counts. This can leave a person susceptible to infections.

It’s Flu Season. 14 Tips For Staying Healthy, from Myeloma Crowd

Food Safety Guide, from The Ohio State University Wexler Medical Center

Wash hands

The single most important thing you can do to keep from getting sick and to stop the spread of disease-causing germs is to wash your hands often.

Technique from Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Anti-bacterial wipes

Anti-bacterial wipes are used to keep hands and surfaces clean, however, some of them contain carcinogenic substances, such as Triclosan

Triclosan, from the Environmental Working Group

5 reasons to skip antibacterial soap and it´s risks (from Consumer Reports)

CVS hand wipes contain only alcohol as the active ingredient

Shaking hands

Myeloma Beacon Blog on keeping clean

One person wrote that they wash all groceries after grocery shopping.


Everyday Objects That Are A Source Of Germs



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