Multiple Myeloma Overview

What is Multiple Myeloma?

Risk Factors for Multiple Myeloma

Risk factors for multiple myeloma
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Map of Multiple Myeloma Incidence Worldwide

Multiple Myeloma a incidence — Worldwide, with map showing occurrence of multiple myeloma (2012 Estimates)

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Multiple myeloma incidencer - Worldwide map

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It is interesting to note that African-Americans are twice as likely to develop multiple myeloma as caucasians, but Africa has a lower incidence of multiple myeloma, suggesting that there are environmental factors contributing to the disease.

Myeloma Statistics (from Great Britain, Cancer Research UK)

Myeloma Trends (showing an increase in multiple myeloma over time)

Multiple myeloma trends

Concise Review (from the International Myeloma Foundation)

Multiple Myeloma Glossary

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VideoUnderstanding Multiple Myeloma (4:01 minutes)

Multiple Myeloma (13:46 minutes)

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History of Multiple Myeloma